What this is all about

I’m just an average guy

As a part of my job I frequently present information about individual children to others.  One of the pieces of information is to describe what kind of student the child is.  Most of the form says the student is average.  As people are scanning the information about the kids I will regularly get the question, “Why are most of the kids listed as average?”

Logic tells us that most of us are average.  If you chart a bell curve of almost anything to do with your life the vast majority of the time we’ll fall in that big hump that groups us with almost everyone else.

Most of us don’t think of ourselves as average.  Unless something requires special education or ability most of us highly overrate ourselves.  If you ask me what kind of basketball player I am or what I know about neurosurgery I’m going to rate myself as below average.  Ask me what kind of driver I am though and I’ll tell you I am well above average.  So, will the vast majority of people.  Yet, in all these categories I am probably right in the middle of the bell.

Yet, when I go to a bookstore and look at business how-to or self-improvement books the authors are encouraging me to be special.  I can become a great leader, great in relationships, a great salesman, and a great investor.  And I read all those books because I want to be all those things.  I want to understand the philosophy of human thinking, business trends, and my place in the world.  I want to live a special life.  I want to be special.

But if I am going to be honest with myself, and lately I’ve been in a place where I was forced to look deeply and candidly at who I am, I must realize I’m not a great thinker, I’m not a great leader, I’m not especially charismatic.  I’m probably not going to build anything spectacular.  I’m probably not going to leave a huge legacy of thought or relationships, or create an organization that changes things for people.

I’m not really bad at any of these things.  In fact I think I’m pretty smart.  But, I realize I am only smart enough to realize how brilliant some others are.  I am somewhat creative, and can tell when something is particularly good or bad.  But I can’t necessarily tell you why or what it is missing.  I have good ideas, and sometimes great ideas.  But, that doesn’t mean I can implement them greatly.

Yes, I know I am doing a lot of comparison.  I am not as smart and creative as Bill Gates.  Does that mean I’m not smart and creative at all?  No.  But, what it does mean, since I don’t even come close is that I am probably average.

As an average person can I still lead a special life?  Does being average mean that I am condemned to mediocrity?  I think the answer is yes and the answer is no.  That’s what I’m going to be exploring here.  I hope others who are also average are interested in joining me.


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