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Pineapple Express

August 13, 2008

Seth Rogan wrote his stoner, adventure-comedy Pineapple Express years ago.  No one was interested.  Since then he’s had breakout hits with The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad.  So, when he shopped the script again, with very few changes, studios were ready and willing to pay an estimated $25 million.

Very often success breeds success.  The failure to find support for an idea or a project doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad one, and pursuing success in something, even if it isn’t your ultimate goal, is often worth it because of the doors that open.

So far Pineapple Express has grossed just over $40 million.


Knocked Up

May 23, 2008

I just got to the movie Knocked Up.  It was a great picture of the just a guy moving into real life with a woman way over his head.  And, in the mind of every average guy most women are way over his head.  Here was the ultimate just a guy scene that every average guy has thought or felt:

Pete: “Do you ever wonder how someone could even like you?”
Ben: “All the time, man. Like every day. I wonder how you like me.”
Pete: “How can Debbie like me? She likes me. I mean, she loves me. The biggest problem in our marriage is that she wants me around. She loves me so much that she wants me around all the time. That’s our biggest problem. And I can’t even accept that? Like, that upsets me?”

That’s written by someone who has been there.