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2009 Goals

January 4, 2009

I’ve taken the advice of several people I admire and am not setting resolutions.  Instead I’m setting goals.  If you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there?

There are two ways to think about this.  First, in terms of a grand vision of the spectacular life you want to live.  The other is to be SMART about it (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely).  Of course there needs to be a balance.

Not all of us are going to lead extraordinary lives; most of us are average.  However pursuing SMART goals will get us step by step closer to extraordinary.  I don’t believe that if I dream it I can achieve it, but if I don’t dream it I’ll never achieve it and if I don’t pursue it the dream is simply a fantasmic waste of time.

Besides, as I sit here in the US in 2009 I realize that I already live an extraordinary life compared to most of the world and most people whoever lived.

So, I want to dream big but focus on the step before me.  I want to look for the extraordinary while doing the ordinary task that will get me there.  My performance may be average, but my effort does not need to be.

My goals for 2009

–Generate a specific income (which I think I’ll keep to myself).

–Create at least four new income streams.

–I’ll shoot for one household project a month, but knowing how life interferes I’ll make the goal 10 major household projects for the year.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to build an addition, but the project will be more like something that takes all weekend.

–I need to drop about 25 pounds, so I want to hit and maintain for a month 175 pounds.

–Take on all the projects I am given at church while creating and implementing two major campaigns.

–Read 52 books this year.

–Complete one major learning, self-development program.  I think I’ll go for learning to program in Java.

–Complete two major writing projects.

–I want to further and deepen the relationships that are important to me.  That’s really hard to quantify, but I think it means for me that I will make myself more available, I’ll initiate more contact, and I’ll participate in more avenues of relationship.

What’s your 2009 going to look like? Are you going to decide ahead of time or just let it happen?



July 29, 2008

Another of the things that distinguish the mediocre from the high achiever is consistency.  High achievers consistently perform well and perform well consistently.  They frequently reach their goals with positive results and they are regularly pursuing goals that are important to them.

The average person has a long list of projects or goals that they haven’t completed, met or attempted.

It’s been a dream of mine for most of my life to be a writer; not necessarily as a profession but as an accomplishment.  I’ve read a lot about being a writer, I’ve talked to writers, and I’ve read a ton of different kinds of writing.  The main lesson that high achieving writers have for people like me: writers write.

Preparation is important, but it doesn’t make a writer.  Learning the skills of the trade are important but they don’t make a writer.  Knowing the market is important but that doesn’t make a writer.  Writing does.  Nothing else.

So, why haven’t I written?  The short answer is because I didn’t want to enough.  It is hard work to learn to do something new, and if there isn’t any outside motivation prodding me forward I never made it a priority.  I’ll never be a writer unless I consistently risk the fear, the sweat and possible failure that comes with a blank page.

That’s one example.  For the average person there can be many others, usually begun with the words, “I always wanted to…”:

What is it for you?  Lose weight?  Learn to play a musical instrument?  Learn a language?  Start a business?  Acheive a high job performance rating?  Make money?

There may be lots of circumstances keeping you from your dreams.  High achievers find ways to overcome circumstances.  Average people don’t.  One fundamental reason I haven’t met my goals is because I haven’t wanted to bad enough.  That’s a circumstance I can overcome.

I started a blog as a first step.  What is your first step going to be?