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Release your potential

July 7, 2008

I just finished listening to a great sermon by Erwin McManus at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles.  He’s doing a series on being all you are supposed to be and this one was about releasing your potential.  God has a plan for each of us; even the most average of people can do spectacular things by following His lead.  Erwin says you must do these four things to live up to your full potential:

1.  Work hard – There is no getting around it, and this is what distinguishes most high achievers from the average guy.

2.  Work hard at what is easy – Find your gifts.  I can work as hard as I want at being a singer and I’ll never have great success.  If I find the things I’ve been wired for, those things that I am intended to pursue, then it will be easy for me to work hard at it.

3. Work hard until it is easy – We all have gifts but we still need to hone our skills.  We must work each day to get better and better.

4. Work hard at what is important – Pursuing the trivial even to the highest level is still trivial.