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Laugh Track

September 3, 2008

We all make really stupid decisions now and then, and one of the worst things we can do is to take something great and make it worse.

I was watching Aaron Sorkin‘s breakout show Sports Night on DVD the other day.  It was a great show and shame on you America for not supporting it (though if you had we may not have gotten The West Wing, so you’re sort of forgiven).  Yes, it is a half hour comedy, but holy cow who is the one who decided to add a laugh track!?  What a mind-blowingly, horrendous decision that was!  Though it reeks of a decision by committee I imagine there was one person who ultimately made the decision or at least championed it.

I wonder if that person now realizes the mistake they made.  I wonder if they are embarrassed and hide their shame or if they still defend themselves to that voice in their head that accuses them of their crime.  I wonder if that person has strings of success and achievement that somewhat makes up for a bad afternoon, or was this the highlight of their career.

I may be an average guy, but I hope I never do anything that bad.