Honor Your Parents

My dad loves multi-level marketing.  He’s never made much money and despite all the talk of “residual income” I’ve never seen him make any.  In fact I don’t know a single person living on it.

He knows the difference between multi-level and a pyramid scheme.  And, he’s smart enough to never get taken in a scam.  Still, he’s never seen a multi-level company he doesn’t like and over the last 25 years he’s probably been involved in 50 different “opportunities”.

In my early twenties I got involved in a couple of them.  Despite some significant efforts I never made much money either.  Now, I am pretty confident in telling the multi-level marketer, “That’s sounds like a great opportunity, but I’m just not interested in doing what it would take to be successful at it.  Thanks anyway.”

It’s harder when it is your dad.  He thinks I crazy for not seeing the obvious and I have to tell him that despite how obvious it is I’m not doing it without implying he’s an idiot and hurting his feelings.

He’s found another one and I have to go over to his house today to hear about it.  Sigh…


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